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She's lost in the woods and see's a cabin in the distance. It's dark and dangerously cold. Her flashlight lights the way and fires keep her warm but the cold isn't her only worry tonight.

Disclaimer: The game touches on a pretty sensitive topic.

This is my first ever game with minimal coding knowledge everything except the sound affects, music and background are made by me. 

This was made for the My First Game Jam: Winter 2020. Huge shout out to there discord and the people who helped me out! Your all so awesome!

Made with Godot 3.2

Leave a comment with what you think of it ^^




(Updated the game a bit)

Game is free to download no need to donate unless you want to :)


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I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, but I couldn’t figure out how the flashlight was supposed to work? I would quickly tap space each time a ghost showed up to kill them, but eventually the flashlight would just stop working entirely for me. And after walking far enough to the right I would always die immediately without any indication as to why. Also, just wanted to say I really enjoyed looking at your progress from the jam discord, I wish you the best of the luck with game dev!

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Hey mental! ^^. Thanks for playing :). Yea the flashlight is supposed to run out and i had to make it where it wasn't spam able so it drains a good chunk when you tap it then it stops and recharges there is also the three bars in the top left corner as well as a fuel counter. Once the yellow bar reaches empty it'll shutdown the flashlight for a little and charge it. As for the dying were you getting the game over screen?


Short but very cool game. Good stuff! Made you a video: 

This is awesome im glad you liked it! I actually just updated the game yesterday and changed the rest mechanic a bit. Also the bonfires keep the ghost away :)


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